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PMM GLOCK 43/48 Optic cut service.


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PMM is now machining the Glock 43/48 slides to mount an Optic to your pistol. Depending upon the iron sight options The SHIELD RMSc/Romeo 0 cut will result in a perfect co-witness with the factory front sight.


The PMM Glock 43 Slide cut for the SHIELD RMSc/Romeo 0 can be done in one of two ways.


Option#1. RMSc/Romeo 0 Cut in front of the Factory Dovetail. This cut utilizes the factory height sights for an perfect lower 1/3 Co-Witness With any factory height sights.


Option#2 RMSc/Romeo 0: Cut in place of Factory Dovetail. This cut removes the factory Dovetail and uses the integrated rear sight channel of the optic for a back up rear iron sight. Option#2 Also gives you a cover plate with a built in rear sight.


Option#2 RMRcc: Cut in place of Factory Dovetail. This cut removes the factory dovetail for us with our IDRS (Integrated Drop-In Rear Sight) with a Trijicon Front Sight. Sighting system is included in price of optic cut, no cover plate available for this option.


The PMM Glock 43 Slide cut for the Trijicon RMRcc is only offered in one option.


The optic cut will remove the factory dovetail and use our new IDRS sighting system which places the rear iron sight on the optic itself and is paired with a Dawson Precision front sight post.


​​Choose from a variety of finish options, including Cerakote by, Diamond Like Carbon Coating (DLC), PVD or leave the metal bare.




This is a service that requires sending in your slide. The slide must be a factory slide and cannot be a blank or “builder” slide.




Machining: MINIMUM 6 WEEKS




  • Black DLC and TiN: 1-6 Weeks
  • Grey and FDE PVD: 1-6 Weeks
  • Cerakote: 1 Week (If selecting, please specify color in order comments at checkout)



You are responsible for shipping to us. We do not provide the initial label or box.


Please ship to:


Parker Mountain Machine

19 Fire Rd 13

Strafford, NH 03884


You may use whichever shipping provider you choose. Your shipment must include your:


  • Slide
  • Order Confirmation
  • Pistol Work Sheet (downloadable PDF on product page)
  • Any other items
  1. Sights if you’re providing your own
  2. Optic if you would like for us to install it for you (not necessary)


  • Internals/sights are not necessary to be included unless otherwise stated
  1. Most optic cuts do not require any modification to slide internals, however there are exceptions
  2. We do not charge for disassembly or reassembly, so feel free to send in the complete slide
  3. If you are purchasing new sights from us, you will receive your old sights back


  • Be sufficiently padded, taped, and INSURED
  1. Parker Mountain Machine is NOT responsible for slides that arrived damaged, missing items due to irresponsible packing, or not arriving at all. PLEASE INSURE YOUR PACKAGES. SIGNATURE REQUIRED IS NOT NECESSARY, BUT WE WILL HAPPILY SIGN FOR IT YOU’D PREFER IT.
  2. Please do not throw your slide or other items in an envelope and/or rely on the adhesive on the box.


Please select options from the drop down menu.



Print out and fill in the pistol work sheet and include it when you ship.
Download PDF pmm_pistol_work_sheet_pdf.pdf


Image Below is Option # 1

Images Below are Option #2<br>
Cover plates are shown in the white for detail purposes only.

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Weight 1 lbs


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