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PMM P320 Gen 2 JTTC and Barrel Combo



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PMM JTTC "Muschi" Mounting Block

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COMPACT 3.9″ Barrel:


If you are unsure if this applies to your X-Carry, please follow these guidelines.

  • If your slide is milled for the Romeo 1, then you will need the modification.
  • If your slide is milled for the Romeo 1 Pro/Delta Point Pro footprint, you WILL NOT need the modification.
  • Or you will need to measure the Breech Face on your slide. The measurement for the X-Carry is .390″.





We will not sell just the comp, The overall length and thread length on our barrels are much shorter and these comps will not install or function on any other barrel.




THIS BARREL AND COMPENSATOR WORK WITH THE COMPACT P320 SLIDE ONLY. You can use any size grip module but the slide will protrude if using a grip module shorter that a full size (but will function fine)


PMM is proud to announce our new line of Compensators and barrels for the P320!


The PMM GEN2 JTTC for the P320 uses a proprietary compact threaded barrel designed specifically for mounting our compensator.


The PMM compensators mount much like what is found on all modern rifles utilizing a combination of shims and proper timing of the compensator in relation to the Pistol slide.


The PMM GEN2 JTTC of the P320 utilize a single port design at the 12 O’clock position which maximizes the effectiveness of the compensator in keeping the muzzle of the pistol down and allows the slide to “track” faster and more accurately for follow up shots.


The PMM GEN2 JTTC for the P320 was designed to work with most factory loaded ammunition and yield 30-35% reduction in muzzle climb with 115gr UMC! (please refer to testing charts at the bottom of the product page)


We have adapted our designs to integrate with and complement the design of your pistol so no longer does a compensator have to look like an afterthought slapped on the end of your pistol, Rather it Delivers unmatched performance and looks.


This Compensator on a compact P320 slide is the length of a full-size P320 and will fit in full-size P320 holsters!








  • 7075 Aluminum finished in a type 3 class 2 Black hardcoat anodize.
  • No set screws, mounts like a muzzle device on a rifle.
  • Captured design ensures that even if your comp comes loose it will not come off or impede function.
  • Includes our Proprietary, compensator specific threaded barrel for use on COMPACT slides
  • Technology born from our PMM X-Comp pistol.
  • The PMM Gen2 JTTC barrel and COMP can also be used on smaller P320 Frames provided the P320 Compact slide is used, Please note the JTTC Compensator may protrude from the frame but will still function 100%


Download PDF pmm_just_the_tip_compensator_installation_instructions__1_.pdf

PMM JTTC Installation Video

Additional information


Black, FDE

24 reviews for PMM P320 Gen 2 JTTC and Barrel Combo

  1. George W.

    The company is great about responding to messages but considering I won’t get the product for months yet I can’t really review it.

  2. Stephen Z.

    Cuts the recoil down very noticeably. Made it recoil less than my x5 legion. Cycles through everything I’ve fed it so far from 115gr wwb to speer 147 tmj. If you’re a perfectionist, the only problem is getting it perfectly aligned with your slide to hair. It’s time consuming but doable. The comp really shows how cruddy Sig’s slide machining is XD. Definitely recommend the jttc combo, will buy again.

  3. JC

    Very accurate and flat but using 115gr UMC I got 5 stovepipes within the first 70 rounds. This is the same ammo they used for their own test. I also noticed the finish on the comp is already coming off. Looks like it’s to the metal. This is after one range day. Total of 120 rounds fired. I tried contacting customer service about this but never got a response. I’m hoping they can figure this out because my confidence in my P320 is really low right now. If the finish and reliaiblity was good this is easily a 5 star product. Easily the best upgrade you can do to your P320.

  4. Sam C.

    This comp is amazeballs. I’ve put all kinds of grain weights through it and it loves it all. Zero feeding issues with the barrel. Lockup is better than factory. I got the chance to shoot along side the guys from PMM at a Frank Proctor class where I got to taste the entire menu of products. The first round I was sold. Thanks PMM for the attention to detail, openness with your testing and data and being awesome dudes. You’ve got a customer for life. ????????

  5. Frank D.

    The comp fit perfectly with P320 compact slide. The shims were not hard to use and I was able to index the comp to the slide fairly easily.
    However the install videos need more explanation in the area of the shims, how many to start with etc.
    I was able figure it out because I have used shims before with rifle muzzle devices.
    Overall great product fit finish and function.
    I wish I had read further into your web site to learn about the military discount, I missed that so I paid full price. Lesson learned read everything.

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