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PMM P320 Micro JTTC and Barrel Combo



PMM JTTC "Muschi" Mounting Block


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We do not have an ETA on restocking ANY P320 barrel and compensator combos. We are working through supplier issues and are hoping to have this resolved ASAP.



We will update these product pages with the next restock date when we have a definitive time frame.


All further questions regarding restocking/ETA updates on these products will be ignored.


We appreciate your understanding and patience.









FULL SIZE 4.7″ Barrel:

  • M17
  • XFull
  • X-VTAC
  • RXP XFull-Size
  • RXP Full-Size
  • Nitron Full-Size


COMPACT 3.9″ Barrel:


If you are unsure if this applies to your X-Carry, please follow these guidelines.

  • If your slide is milled for the Romeo 1, then you will need the modification.
  • If your slide is milled for the Romeo 1 Pro/Delta Point Pro footprint, you WILL NOT need the modification.
  • Or you will need to measure the Breech Face on your slide. The measurement for the X-Carry is .390″.


SUB COMPACT 3.6″ Barrel:

  • XCompact
  • RXP XCompact




PMM is proud to announce our new line of Compensators and barrels for the P320!


The PMM MICRO JTTC for the P320 uses a proprietary threaded barrel designed specifically for mounting our compensator. Our compensators mount much like what is found on all modern rifles utilizing a combination of thread locker and proper timing of the compensator in relation to the Pistol slide.


Additionally, the PMM MICRO JTTC of the P320 utilize a single port design at the 12 O’clock position which maximizes the effectiveness of the compensator in keeping the muzzle of the pistol down and allows the slide to “track” faster and more accurately for follow up shots.


The PMM MICRO JTTC was designed to work with most factory loaded ammunition and yield 30-35% reduction in muzzle climb with 115gr UMC! (please refer to testing charts at the bottom of the product page)

We have adapted our designs to integrate with and complement the design of your pistol so no longer does a compensator have to look like an afterthought slapped on the end of your pistol, Rather it Delivers unmatched performance and looks.


  • Comp: 4140 PH Stainless Steel then finished in the industry standard PVD or DLC.
  • Barrel: 416R Stainless Steel finished in DLC
  • No set screws, mounts like a muzzle device on a rifle.
  • Captured design ensures that even if your comp comes loose it will not come off or impede function.
  • Includes our Proprietary, compensator specific threaded barrel
  • Technology born from our PMM X-Comp pistol.


PMM P320 JTTC Micro COMP install video

Additional information

Compensator Color

Black, FDE, Grey

Barrel Length

Full Size, Compact, Sub Compact

15 reviews for PMM P320 Micro JTTC and Barrel Combo

  1. Theodore H.

    Love the 320 sub. micro comp. little thing works great, the dot barley comes out of the glass on my optic… the design and machining Top notch. I like that there are no Pocket cuts on ether side and Angles flow smooth,real nice. I’m a Machinist/Tig welder And this is quality. Thank you.

    T-shirt idea:
    Do you even
    comp. bro?

  2. Matthew G.

    VERY pleased with PMM comps as always. They never let me down, have ordered many comps and barrels from them and am always very happy with an amazing product! These guys know what they’re doing!

  3. Michael N.

    The PMM P320 Micro JTTC and Barrel Combo works flawless I’m so impressed on how it really reduces recoil and muzzle flip. The flat shooting is incredible .

  4. Dustin C.

    Took awhile for delivery due to the holidays and Covid but once I got it in and got it put together it looked great. The quality of materials and product look fantastic and I can’t wait to go see how she feels at the range.

  5. Matthew L Gore

    Great product from PMM as always!!! More then please with the quality of the part itself, the fit and the finish. The comp and barrel function as described and were very easy to install. This is like my 7th or 8th comp and barrel package from them and will most likely be purchasing more! Love their products abd thei “custom 1 of 1” stickers!!! Lol

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