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PMM SCAR Oversized Magazine Button Roll pins


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The Roll pin on the PMM Mag button get’s the most abuse during installation and removal, it’s always good to have spares.

Product feature:
PMM  sends you 5 SCAR
PMM SCAR Oversized Magazine Button Roll pins
​416 Stainless Steel

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs

4 reviews for PMM SCAR Oversized Magazine Button Roll pins

  1. Leon Wilson

    It’s a roll pin, nice that PMM keeps these in stock for anyone who needs to replace them.

  2. Michael K.

    These roll pins will flare fairly easily if a rollpin punch (nub on the end) is used. If a regular punch (flat end) is used they go in flawlessly, no drag, no getting caught on a lip if everything isn’t 100.00% lined up. The customer service was exceptional. A downside is that they used USPS to ship them to me, and the package was lost for about a week.

  3. John M.

    Fits perfectly without any issues whatsoever. I have a SCAR16 S and a 17S. Both are completely decked out with Parker Mountain Machine Upgrades. They fit perfectly and function flawlessly.

  4. Gman

    They do the job but are quite soft.

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