PMM X-Carry Barrel Mod Service


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Product Details

This service allows you to use our barrels with your older X-Carry Slide.


If you are unsure if this applies to your X-Carry, please follow these guidelines.

  • If your slide is milled for the Romeo 1, then you will need the modification.
  • If your slide is milled for the Romeo 1 Pro/Delta Point Pro footprint, you WILL NOT need the modification.
  • Or you will need to measure the Breech Face on your slide. The measurement for the X-Carry is .390″.


If this service is added to cart with a PMM P320 compact barrel and comp, the service will be performed before your combo is shipped to you.


If this service is being performed for a barrel you already have, you will need to send it to PMM for the service.

Please include the barrel and a printout of your order.

Make sure to package well and appropriately.

Send to:

Parker Mountain Machine

19 Fire Rd 13

Strafford, NH 03884

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