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PMM FNH 509/509 Tactical/509 Compact Tactical Compensator



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PMM JTTC "Muschi" Mounting Block

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Product Details

PMM is proud to announce our new line of pistol compensators.


The PMM Compensator uses a proprietary mounting system much like what is found on all modern rifles utilizing a combination of shims and proper timing of the compensator in relation to the Pistol slide.

Additionally, the PMM compensators utilize a single port design at the 12 O’clock position which maximizes the effectiveness of the compensator in keeping the muzzle of the pistol down and allows the slide to “track” faster and more accurately for follow up shots.

During testing the PMM compensators were designed to work with most factory loaded ammunition but will yield the best results with a +P or Nato spec cartridge. We have adapted our designs to integrate with and complement the design of your pistol so no longer does a compensator have to look like an afterthought slapped on the end of your pistol, Rather it Delivers unmatched performance and looks.




1 x FN 509 Compensator


1 x Shim Kit:


4 x 0.010″ Shim

2 x 0.005″ Shim

1 x 0.002″ Shim

1 x 0.05mL Vial Loctite 272


*If ordering a 13.5×1 LH Metric compensator, your shim kit will include a PMM Metric Shim Alignment Rod. These are only necessary for metric barrels.*


  • 7075 Aluminum finished in a type 3 class 2 Black hardcoat anodize.
  • No set screws, mounts like a muzzle device on a rifle.
  • Captured design ensures that even if your comp comes loose it will not come off or impede function.
  • Designed around the FN factory threaded barrels (1/2×28) but will work with others that have the same threads. (Gap may vary)
  • Technology born and improved upon from our PMM X-Comp pistol.
  • PMM FN509 “Moushi” Mounting Block NOT Included. Available Under Options



Download PDF pmm_just_the_tip_compensator_installation_instructions__1_.pdf




Images below are of our PMM “MUSCHI” Mounting Block, This product can be found on the main page for your pistol manufactures COMP.

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144 reviews for PMM FNH 509/509 Tactical/509 Compact Tactical Compensator

  1. Edmond D.

    Good quality. Fast shipping.

  2. Brandon H.

    PMM is simply unrivaled

    The machining precision is fantastic and the design is both beautiful and functional. I purchased a PMM compensator for my FN 509 Tactical and was immediately blown away after the first use on the range. If you’re anything like me and practice engaging targets and quickly and accurately as possible (as all should honestly haha) but are frustrated with recoil and sight picture re-alignment your answer is here. Simple installation, machined to fit the muzzle nearly seamlessly with uncanny precision. Performance is amazing as well, I was able to keep super close groupings, firing as quickly as possible. If PMM makes a compensator for the pistol you own, this is a must have.

    SFC Brandon Hagedorn
    82ND Airborne Div.

  3. Jason P.

    Love it! The rangemaster was jealous. With correct shims it fit perfectly without having to use locktite. Have tactical and non tactical 509. Night and day difference when it comes to recoil and target recovery time. The tactical is way more accurate with this compensator.

  4. Billy M.

    It fitted perfect on my gun. Haven’t try in target shooting, yet.

  5. Eric N.

    New barrel and comp is amazing. Thanks again…

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