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PMM Hourly Rate $150. (min 1 hour)


From time to time PMM is needed to remove broken taps, screws, gas jets, etc.


This service is done based on an individuals needs and  PMM’s time to fix or render said work. Please email with inquires.


Initial purchase is for 1 hour. Once PMM has received the item, the work will be done. We will contact you with the total of the work, if it is more than 1 hours time of work, or requires additional shipping.


Special Note:

This is a mail in service and all work will be completed on a customer supplied rifle or pistol. Please place the order and SPECIFY in the comment portion of the order what the issue is with the item being sent in. Print up a copy of the order and include it in the box prior to shipping it to PMM. All work must be APPROVED first via 


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