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Please note, if you're sending your frame with the FCU installed it's considered a firearm. You must ship it to us via FedEx Air or UPS Air. The additional price is to cover the cost of return shipping.

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This is a service that requires you shipping your frame to PMM.


PMM is now offering frame work for any SIG polymer framed pistol. Framework can be just as important as slide modification when building a custom package. A solid grip is important on any pistol in every condition. More friction between your hands and the gun will mean more recoil control.


  • Multiple stipple patterns offered, if you do not see one you like do not be afraid to ask.
  • Aggressive Texture: Most Friction, works well with gloves or bare hands.
  • Mild (Carry) Texture: Less abrasive against body, Medium friction but still a large improvement over factory, less effective with gloves.
  • Single Undercut: A relief cut under the trigger guard to allow your dominant hand a higher purchase on the pistol.
  • Double Undercut: Adds a relief cut in the middle of the trigger guard for your support hand to lock into (includes the single undercut)




Please note, if you’re sending your frame with the FCU installed it’s considered a pistol. You must ship it to us via FedEx Air or UPS Air 21+ signature required.

We suggest insuring your items appropriately.


Please send your frame to:

Parker Mountain Machine

19 Fire Rd 13

Strafford NH 03384

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