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Scar 16/17/20/SC Gas Jet Tool


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The Scar gas jets are notorious for being a stubborn part to remove, they require a specific size flat head screw driver and are often carbon locked into place. We have introduced the solution in a form factor that will allow the removal of a factory gas jet as well as give you the tool to replace it with one of our custom size stainless solutions.


  • Perfectly sized flat-head for factory jet removal
  • 2.5mm hex head for installation of PMM gas jet
  • Wrench flats on either side to aid in the removal of a stuck jet
  • Constructed of 4140 Pre-hardened steel for durability


PMM Tutorial on how to use the PMM FN SCAR® Gas jet tool.


The below video is and older version of the way PMM recomends the removal of the Factory FN SCAR® Gas jet.

16 reviews for Scar 16/17/20/SC Gas Jet Tool

  1. Daniel G.

    Highly recommend, its a PITA to remove the stock gas jet. Mine was extremely tight and this tool made life easy. Removed all gas jet, flip over install PMM gas jet. Win, win.

  2. Levi

    Was well worth it. The tool made removal of the factory jet and install of the new one a breeze.

  3. randy h.

    worked perfect ????????

  4. Mark W.

    Every product manufactured and sold by PMM is top quality and Jason is a wealth of knowledge on just about everything firearm related, especially when it comes to SCAR’s and the selection of the correct suppressors for that particular platform. Not a better company anywhere to buy your parts from!!!

  5. Michael j.

    Outstanding as usual.

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